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Good news for NEW CE certificates
UpdateTime:2015/8/11  Clicks:2183

Render have achieved updated NEW CE certificate for both Anaesthesia machine and Ventilator.
certificate details show in below:

Product name:  Anaesthesia machine
Model no. listed: SD-M2000A, SD-M2000B, SD-M2000C, SD-M2000D
Certificate no.:  No. 0H150727.TRHDO82
Test report no.: XMT0201501114P/MDD
Certificate date: 2014/07/27

Product name: Ventilator
Model no. listed: SD-H3000A, SD-H3000B, SD-H3000C.
Certificate no.:  No. 0H150727.TRHDO81
Test report no.: XMT0201501115P/MDD
Certificate date: 2014/07/27

Thank you for all your continuously support.